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06 January 2020 @ 09:39 pm

So here's the deal. Knitting patterns are going to be public, but anything like graphics and tutorials will be friends only.

I don't want anyone stealing my stuff and claiming it's theirs.

Just comment to be added. I won't say no, friends are awesome :)
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No matter what anyone says, Harry Potter is amazing, and hand warmers are pretty close to being so too. Therefore I have combined the two into a very easy knitting pattern for you all to try out. I made these for myself because I had a Gryffindor scarf for Christmas off the boyfriend, and wanted some hand warmers to go with. 

They're super quick to make, probably taking about an hour or two to make both depending on how fast a knitter you are. And they're easy too, just using knit and purl stitches. You can even change the colours if you wanted to, for those who are not so keen on Harry Potter, or perhaps want to use different colours for the other Hogwarts houses? (I'm thinking of trying this out for myself. A pair for each house would be cool).

So here's what they look like. (Excuse my non-skill at photography).


click here for the patternCollapse )

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No, I haven't given up yet. And I can hear the inner me screaming "You will never keep this up!" But hey, I've wanted to make a go of this for a long time. My room is filled with journals, knitting patterns, photographs, and even quotes that I've come across and scribbled down somewhere because I thought it meant something to me at the time. Day two of me with a livejournal account and here I am, typing away, intent on making it worthwhile to myself and to anyone else who fancies reading.

Even if I end up typing away to myself with no one who is even remotely interested, it won't matter. Not everything is a two way street, right? I'll just manage being my own friend, or I'll change the whole angle of the blog so what I'm actually doing is writing to myself ten years in the future. At least I will have achieved my ambition of having my very own blog.

I'll have things worth while to put up soon anyways. I'm digging through all of my old icons and graphics to put up here so maybe they'll actually be used for something, and I have a knitting pattern on the go. For Christmas my boyfriend bought me a Gryffindor scarf, so I'm knitting handwarmers to match. They'll come in handy, even if only when I pop outside for a fag. My hands will no longer freeze.

Stay tuned.
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04 January 2011 @ 06:53 pm
 I've finally made it. Nearing a year of knitting anything I'm physically capable of and I've finally set about having somewhere to blog it all. I'm always online looking at these kinds of sites where people post their free knitting patterns and such, and I always end up trying them out. Then I started making my own patterns (though admittedly not many) so decided it was time for me to have a place where I could put them all up for other knitters to make use of. 

I have a few patterns and projects and things to put on here. There'll be a lot of photography of things that I've made previously. There may also be some posts that don't even relate to knitting.

Stick around and you may find some patterns that you'd like to try out or just find mildly interesting. You may even find yourself to be slightly amused.  
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